5 things they don’t tell you about giving birth

Spoiler alert…

  1. You still look pregnant after.
  2. Lots of people will say have a curry to encourage labour to start, what they don’t say is that curry combine with everything else going on in your body at this late stage of pregnancy will give you the runs – just saying…
  3. Mums will warn you about being tired and never sleeping again. You’ll laugh it off but it’s no joke once you’re the other side. There needs to be a new word developed to describe new parent tiredness. ‘Hell’ could be an option. This is the kind of tired that will make you feel depressed and emotional! Enjoy your sleep while it lasts!
  4. The love you have your baby is overwhelming, but I also want to be sensitive to those who don’t have this immediate feeling – which is more common than you may think and can sadly come with a lot of guilt. Those I know who experience this to start with have all eventually felt that love everyone talks about. Just thought i’d share that. 
  5. You may fall in love with your midwife. How does she know when you should push, and what will hurt when, and how is she looking so calm when she is obviously staring right into a bloodbath! Oh, and does she or he know how amazing that pain relief just felt. I love you.

What’s in a name?

A few things I’d like to talk about here. 1) The name of my blog 2) The name of my baby. Let’s start with the blog name.

So, once upon time I was the online Editor for Weight Watchers. I was a member before I worked for the company and I’m still a member now. I’ve always been fascinated with healthy eating and exercise, I just wasn’t quite able to mimic what I read and adored in everyday life. I love avocados but I also love a ton of chocolate. I enjoy running, but I’m hungrier for weeks after I ever exert myself. Long story short, I’m always on a diet but I don’t want that to come across in a negative way – especially now I’m a mother (and all that).  So, I wanted to write a blog that encompassed my desire to lead a healthy lifestyle and diet – plus focus on my new life as a mum, because so much as changed. I brainstormed so many blog names but turns out I’m not that original and they were all taken. So here I am with my dietmumfeed blog.  Choosing a blog name very much reminded of choosing my baby’s name. It’s permanent, it reveals a lot about you, there’s a lot of pressure in choosing a blog name and a baby name! Especially when you can pick anything in the world.

When it came to choosing my baby’s name we went through a lot of options. Names I loved, my husband hated or thought were too popular. Names he loved, I just couldn’t take seriously. I’m sure he made them up trying to create the new ‘Beyonce’; they sounded like names of ancient gladiators. When we found out the sex of our baby (a girl), that helped narrow names a little! Long story short, we settled on Eleri. I love this welsh name (my husband is Welsh) and thought it looked quite ‘cool’ written down. However, we wanted the name to be a secret and so we told no one and I have always heard a Welsh person say the name. Our baby was born and we had our name. Once I had come around (that’s another story) we sent texts to our friends and family boasting about our new bundle and her gorgeous name. I soon realised us English folk don’t pronounce this name in the same way. If you’re saying it and it rhymes with Hilary then I’m afraid that’s not how we’re saying it in my house. It’s more like ‘El-air-ree’. When people ask me what my daughter’s name is, I quickly follow with this explanation on how to pronounce it. Boy it’s tiring! So, picking a blog name filled me with the same kind of fear. There’s no going back folks, and if you’re choosing a baby name do what my friend did – sound board it, even if you want it to be a surprise!

Chloe x
P.S If my daughter ever reads this in the future; please know I do love your name!


Welcome to Diet Mum Feed –  I’ve always struggled with my weight but before falling pregnant I had just lost the most weight ever. I was serial yo yo dieter and becoming increasingly unhappy with my weight gain. I was a little active but felt at a lost. At that time I joined a weight loss group – Weight Watchers (I then ended up working for the company as the Online Editor, too). I had great success and got to my goal weight in time for my wedding. A few years later I fell pregnant and enjoyed eating for two!

Losing weight this time round is so different, because you don’t have the luxury to ‘just’ go for a jog or to sleep through the night so you can actually have the energy to workout or eat well! I hope to find the answers and I hope you enjoy finding them with me. 

P.S This is a pre-baby photo!

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