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17 signs you’re seriously obsessed with the scales

  1. You want to weigh yourself after every big poo, just in case it’s a 2 pounder.
  2. The best time to step on the scales is after your morning wee and butt naked.
  3. You want to weight yourself once a week, but reality is several times a day.
  4. What the scales says can completely alter your mood.
  5. You get excited to see a new kind of scales on the market, but fear buying an expensive set will reveal how obsessed you are.
  6. Sometimes you hide your scales to stop yourself jumping on them, but you soon get them out again.
  7. Sometimes you ask someone else to hide the scales for you, then you lose your sh*t when you want them back and they won’t give in.
  8. You could talk about weight and scale fluctuations all day, every day. “One time I put on 10lbs in a day, but the next morning I was a 1lb down! Crazy”.
  9. If the number on the scales goes up your first thought is water retention or a big poo in your system, it’s hard to admit that maybe the curry and booze the night before had anything to do with the increase.
  10. When you’re in the zone you love that feeling of jumping on the scales and seeing the number go down.
  11. But the best feeling is seeing that number go down into a new stone.
  12. You stand up straight and hold your stomach in when you weigh yourself, just in case there’s some air trapped in there that might add a lb or two.
  13. If you’re not happy with the number you see, you weigh yourself again – best out of 3 eh?
  14. When you know you’ve been unhealthy you cross your fingers and pray to the scales god, before stepping on to see the damage – or if you’ve been lucky enough to get away with it.
  15. You take your Fitbit off or anything else that might weigh you down, like a hairband, before accepting the final number.
  16. You pray for the poo fairy to visit you before your ‘official’, weekly weigh in.
  17. You move the scales around the floor to find that sweet spot for success where the number is lowest – take that uneven floors.


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Can you walk your way to weight loss?

In this post I’d like to pay homage to walking – yes, that free and simple thing you do to get from A to B. It’s the first form of exercise I did after having a baby and it definitely helped me build my fitness, lose weight and feel better (especially when I had no idea what I was doing as a new mum).

Plus, there are a lot of other benefits for you and baby…

Walking and weight loss
Like lots of women I really struggled to walk towards the end of my pregnancy. Walking was uncomfortable, awkward and terribly slow. Once my little one arrived I thought things would go back to normal fairly quickly but that wasn’t quite the case.

I had my recommended six week check up with a doctor and was given a thumbs up to start being more active. I thought I’d give running a go (as I used to jog pre-pregancy), but that really wasn’t a good idea. It hurt a lot and definitely didn’t resemble any kind of running style I’ve ever seen before! I had to start from the beginning – step by step – and that’s when I really became obsessed with my Fitbit. Walking was my main form of exercise and even now when my weight goes up a little or stays as the same, it’s often when I haven’t walked as much.

Is 10,000 steps achievable?
The recommended number of steps to walk each day is 10,000, which may sound like a crazy amount, especially if you desk bound with work and so on. That said, I’m often surprise at how many i’ll complete just getting ready to go out and about, or if Ii’ve given the house a clean the house. If you couple that with a ‘scheduled’ walk, it doesn’t take too long to reach that 10,000 step goal.

Walking with a baby
When my daughter was small, walking with the buggy was also a good way to encourage a nap if needed and she slept really well during our walks. She’s now 2-years-old and likes to walk (run) just as much as me. Nowadays we’ll take the buggy with us as she still gets tired after a few sprints, but it’s a great excuse to get out, feel as though I’m exercising and I’m sure it helps her sleep through the night. (Which has taken us a long time to achieve!).

Walking often can dramatically decrease how at risk you are from type 2 diabetes, a stroke and even certain types of cancers. So it really is pretty amazing. For a full list of the benefits take a peak at the NHS website.

Can you walk your way to weight loss?
Yes! I strongly believe you can and walking is definitely an underrated form of exercise. With that in mind, let’s go for a walk!

The 80/20 weight loss method

In recent years I’ve heard the phrase ’80/20’ when it comes to healthy eating habits and weight loss. It’s all about being healthy for 80% of the time and I guess letting yourself off for the other 20%. I’ve struggled to come to terms with it, as surely any amount of time being unhealthy will just sabotage your weight loss efforts, won’t it? Here’s what happened when I followed the 80/20 approach to weight loss.

My weight loss following the 80/20 method
The week before last I vowed to embrace the 80/20 method and let myself indulge a little more at the weekend, but I was to eat well during the week and keep up my exercise. As usual, I got a little carried away once my ‘indulging’ time approached. I felt angry at myself for a moment and thought “why would I ‘waste’ being ‘good’ Monday to Friday, to simply gorge for a few days”. I was certain I’d hate the scales come my next weigh-in but I actually lost 1.5lbs.

Looking back on this week as a whole, my ‘bad’ days were really not that bad and I should probably spend more time reflecting on the bigger picture, to stop myself spiralling out of control*; which is what I feel like most of the time when I eat a little more than what I perceive to be a healthy amount for me (or if I have a treat food).

Less guilt, more food
One pleasant side effect of the 80/20 rule for me was the lack of guilt I felt when I did enjoy some more treats or have bigger serving size than usual. Allowing myself to be ‘off plan’ for 20% of the week felt quite liberating. Without the 80/20 mantra circling my mind, I would of beaten myself up about those extra treats until my next weigh-in. Life is too short to not enjoy the foods you love (ha, is that the piggy in me talking?) or to overly stress about it – strive for good health, everything in moderation and surely the rest will follow.

Skinny people eat chocolate, too
It has also occurred to me that there are plenty of slim people out there who drink wine and eat chocolate. This has been quite a revelation for me! It means one day I too could be slim and still enjoy that stuff, without putting on 7lbs every time someone invites me out to dinner, or if I fancy some Nutella (that stuff is so good!).

So here’s to the 80/20 rule and to being kinder on ourselves as we aim to lose weight and feel good about ourselves. It is ok to have a treat and to not stress about ‘unplanned’ treats either. There’s plenty of time to rectify any situation.

Chloe x

*Another confession
I started this post last week and as I finish it off to publish I’m very aware that I wasn’t able to go to my Weight Watchers meeting this week, and I’m pretty certain I’ve abused the whole 80/20 thing! Spiralling out of control food wise is exactly how I feel at this very moment (alongside being bloated); but this post has been good for me to re-read and I’ll approach being kinder to myself once more and get back on track. 

7 weight loss confessions after reaching goal

Hello! It’s been a little while since I posted about my weight loss journey and I have a lot to fess up to…

1. I’ve been high and out of control on post-baby weight loss
At the end of March I reached my first major weight loss goal – my pre-baby weight. This meant I had finally lost the full 5st I had put on during pregnancy; and what’s more I had lost way more than I had anticipated in that same weigh-in – that meant I was actually under my goal. I was so delighted.

2. I bought a ton of new clothes in a smaller size
A while back I realised that I often celebrate occasions with food, so this time I made a small promise to myself to pick up some new clothes when I got to goal, instead of a piggy feast. Shopping for a smaller size was liberating (and expensive), but in the same week that I made it to goal, I was due to go out for my husband’s birthday. So I used that as an excuse to buy an outfit for the occasion.

3. I was probably at goal for a day
Only thing is, we managed to stretch out my husband’s birthDAY for a good week or so, with lots of booze and takeaways. And then it was my daughter’s second birthday, and although she’s not on the booze yet, we continued to drink and eat very, very merrily. Then it was Easter and well, because I was ‘at goal’ and now apparently invincible to weight gain, I might have got a little carried away (aka. definitely did get carried away) with Easter eggs, hot cross buns and anything edible with a bunny picture on it. I was so full of chocolate come Easter Sunday, that I had to go to bed early accompanied by a stomach ache and headache!

4. I missed my Weight Watchers meetings
While all of this was going on, I had to miss two of my Weight Watchers meetings – which is never, ever a good thing for me. The weekly meet up and weigh-in really does help me to stay on track and it gives me a much needed boost to keep going.

5. I’ve been making a ton of excuses for my piggy eating ways
I basically got to goal and fell off track hard, gorging on all the foods I know I should have just a little of. To start with it was fun, but I soon felt very sick and out of control – oh, and very spotty!

6. I really am a chocoholic
I had a feeling this may again after a month or so at being at goal, but I genuinely didn’t think I would be capable of such indulgent ways the minute I got to goal! It’s made me realised that I might have a little more work to do when it comes to my relationship with food!

7. I’m back on track
Thankfully I was able to my Weight Watchers meeting this week and I’m back to tracking what I eat, planning my meals in advance and moving more. Plus, I have a new, working Fibit after my previous one literally fell apart on me just days after getting to goal. I’m setting myself another challenge to stay at goal for at least 3 months (once I get back to goal that is). The ideal would of course be at my goal weight for the rest of my life, but the what would I blog about? Only joking, but this feels like a manageable, baby step goal to set myself as part of my maintenance journey. I’m currently 2lbs away from that pre-baby weight figure.

Until next time…

If my blog had an out of office…

Sorry I’ve been a little quiet since getting to goal. A lot has happened in the last few weeks and I will update you all properly very soon! Visit my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page for more updates on my weight loss journey x

I’ve reached my weight loss goal!

On Tuesday I went to my Weight Watchers meeting as usual, however nothing about my weight loss was usual. I had lost 4.5lbs and finally got to my pre-baby weight! I’m so thrilled. I’ve been able to fit into more and more of my before-baby wardrobe and I feel happy and relieved to be slimmer and fitter.

That said, I’m terrified that I won’t stay at goal for long. It’s my husbands birthday this weekend and he’s been extremely busy at work, so the celebration will be booze and cake heavy. I know I can indulge a little and still lose weight, but I’m still learning how to enjoy special occasions without gaining half a stone – which has happened before!

I guess, maintaining my goal weight will be a whole new weight loss adventure. I definitely need a week to get my head around this. Perhaps my next post, if I’m not crying about gaining weight, will be a review of my major learnings when it comes to eating well and exercising, alongside what I think will be important to keep up if I wish to maintain a healthy weight… hmm lots to think about.

As always, tips and advice welcomed!



How to lose a pathetic 2lbs in 10 long weeks…

2017 started off very well. Over the festive period I managed to maintain my pre-Christmas weight and I was thrilled not to have gained. At this point I was just 4lbs away from my weight-loss goal. Being able to maintain my weight over such a busy and food-dominated time of year, gave me hope that I would reach my goal in no time. 10 weeks later and I’m still not there!

I’ve been feeling so frustrated with that fact lately, and as much as I have lost most of what I set out to lose, those last few pounds would make me so happy!

My 2017 weight loss so far
January should’ve been an easy month in theory, yet I had a bit of a binge flip towards the end of the month which meant I had lost and gained the same amount of weight. I ended Jan the same weight I was after Christmas.

February was going to prove challenging, as it’s my birthday and those closest to me know I like to celebrate the one day over a period of several weeks. It was also the birthday month of some very close friends of mine, and I thought it rude not to drink and eat my body weight in prosecco and cake. Despite all of that I did manage to lose a little bit in Feb, but that brings me to the grand total of 2.5lbs in 10 weeks.

Time to be realistic
I’m very familiar with stats that say a 1-2lb weight loss per week is healthy, so why aren’t I 10lbs pounds down? Ok, so with all the birthday fun and odd binge, it was never going to be 10lbs, but 5lbs would of been cool. Strangely, a lot of people have commented on my changing shape but i’ve not taken much notice. That was until this morning.

Changing shape and losing inches
Although my weight hasn’t changed much, I decided to try on a bridesmaid dress i’m set to wear later this year, that was too small for me in December. To my utter disbelief I could zip it up! I can’t believe it! I guess it goes to show that it’s not always about the number on the scales, dropping dress sizes can feel amazing and I do feel as though my fitness has really improved lately – which is probably due to the fact that I’m pushing a buggy when I go running these days!

So, despite staying the same weight this week and being a frustrating 2lbs aways from my goal, I will remain positive that i’m feeling strong and I have lost a few inches without truly noticing.

This little moment then lead me to raid the heap of pre-baby clothes I have stashed away – turns out I can fit into another three items that didn’t fit me last year. Wooo! (Those items are in the photo!)

Thank you
As always, if you’ve read this post – thanks very much for taking the time to do so and thank you for all the lovely comments and support you show me via my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Pages. You’re keeping my going and giving me lots of inspiration too. Also, shout out to Weight Watchers, Phil & Teds and Strong Vibes, for helping me shed almost 5st of post-baby weight.

Chloe x

6 super easy buggy running tips for complete beginners

I’m very new to buggy running and so far it’s been such a wonderful experience. I love the freedom of it and with the weather getting a little brighter, it feels great to be outdoors again. Although I’m a complete novice to this world of running with your baby, I’d like to share what I’ve found useful in getting started.

1. Run when you’re little one is tired
I refer to my daughter as a baby, but she’s a proper toddler who loves to run as well. I’ve been a little afraid that she won’t want to stay in the buggy for long while I run, so I’ve been going out for a jog after she’s had an hour or so of her own exercise and a little tired. That said, I am going to experiment with going for a run when she’s full of energy – I’ll let you know how I get on.

2. Go for a test run
I would recommend going for a short test run when you’re getting started and maybe incorporating your outing with a visit to a park or something – just in case it doesn’t quite go to plan. I say that because running with a buggy does feel different to when you run on your own. You’ll want to get used to the extra workout for your arms, feel comfortable with your running buggy and make note of anything you could do on the next run to make your experience that much better.

My little headphone helper!

For example, I went for a jog without music or headphones. I wanted to be fully alert and able to hear my daughter, but you can do that and still have a bit of music! On this particular occasion my daughter fell asleep and I was on a very long, straight road which was pedestrianised. It was so boring!

3. Pack baby bribes
Yes, I bribe my child quite frequently and for an easy run I have no shame in suggesting you do the same. My bribe kit includes snacks, toys and a new water bottle my daughter has never seen before. (She has a thing for bottles that aren’t hers.) I haven’t needed to dip into the kit too much yet, but she did get a little hangry on one of my runs, so I’m glad I had a Soreen bar to hand. (She really does love them.)

4. Pack extra layers
Although the weather has been a little warmer, running with your little one obviously creates a bit of a breeze for them (although not that much for mine as I’m slow), so layer them up as you would usually and maybe take an extra blanket and rain cover if the weather turns while you’re out and about. You may want to pack something for yourself too, just in case your baby or toddler doesn’t cooperate with your training schedule, and you need to make a stop.

5. Have a play with your buggy before venturing out
After setting off on my first fun, I realised the straps for my daughter were a little loose, so I ended up stopping to re-adjust them. This isn’t a big deal, but it put a stop to my awesome flow. I’d recommend letting your little play/sit in the buggy before you go on a run, and for you to test out straps, push the buggy about, practice braking and all that stuff.

6. Have fun!

Like to read more? Take a peak at my Phil & Teds Sport buggy review.

Confused Weight Watcher asks for expert advice

Help! Calling all nutritionists, personal trainers, weight loss experts and anyone who has a clue… I’m feeling confused again about what a healthy diet is and whether I’m consuming the right things for good health and healthy weight loss. These are my questions; can you help to answer them?

1. Skimmed milk of whole milk
Which should I be drinking and why?

2. Cow’s milk or alternatives such as almond milk
Which should I be drinking and why?

3. Plain full fat yogurt or plain fat free yogurt
(You might be seeing a pattern here) Which should I be eating and why?

4. Protein powders and bars
Are you for or against these?
Is there an ideal time to have these?
How often would you have these and why?

5. Sugar vs. Sweetener
What’s your view on these and is one better than the other, even though I’m sure you will say stay clear of both?

Thanks in advance!

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