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Being body positive

This year I set myself a couple of New Year’s resolutions. Some I broke quite quickly and others I’m continuing to practice, one of which includes being ‘body positive’. If you’re wondering what, why and how, then read on.

“It’s a sign from a greater power!”
While browsing through my ‘recommendations’ on ASOS, a bright pink book appeared and on the front was a gorgeous girl, with a big smile and amazingly colourful hair. Seeing this picture instantly cheered me up and so I was intrigued to find out what it was exactly.

Body Positive Power by Megan Jayne Crabbe aka @bodyposipanda
When I enlarged the photo I was sucked in by the tagline “How to stop dieting, make peace with your body and live”. Some may say discovering this book was just down to a very clever shopping algorithm, but I say it was a sign from a greater power telling me to snap out of my body shaming ways!

Megan Jayne Crabbe bravely shares her own body image issues which led to anorexia and – during her years of ‘recovery’ – episodes of binge eating and yo yo dieting; until she found body positivity. She tells readers how she’s finally escaped the ‘cult of thin’ and details what the body positive movement means.

I bought the book as an early Christmas present to myself, but have only been reading it since the New Year. A few chapters in and I have felt liberated, a desire to wear the clothes i’ve been telling myself I’ll buy when I drop 3 dress sizes and an urge to dye my hair pink! I’ve not done the last one yet but these pages have been touching, emotional, inspiring and challenging.

If this was a complete book review, i’d say BRILLIANT, 5 STARS!
I’ve not finished reading Megan’s book, so this isn’t a complete book review, but it has made me think very differently towards diet, exercise and my past weight loss experiences. All of which has left me feeling motivated to beat my obsession with being ‘thin’ and the constant guilt I have when eating.

Instead, I’d love to learn/ re-learn (because i’m genuinely interested in it) more about good nutrition and healthy eating. In the process, I’ll work on accepting what i’ve got and enjoying everything else around me; because I’ve spent far too many years overthinking and stressing about food and my weight. That said I’ll still be blogging about it for many years to come!

One step at a time eh!

Thanks for reading,
Chloe x

5 things I have learnt as a Vegan

A few years ago I had a vague idea what veganism is and if you had asked me what I thought about it my answer would of been something like this; “bit extreme but each to their own”. However, veganism seems to be dominating many of conversations lately and I’ve become a little fascinated with what it’s all about; so much so that (like many this month) I challenged myself to go vegan. Here’s a little bit about my days as a vegan and what I’ve learnt.

What is Veganism?
From my understanding, being a vegan is all about enjoying a plant-based diet and  saying no to all animal products – be it meat, dairy or even honey.

For many, the main motivator behind this way of eating is to banish animal cruelty and exploitation that comes from breeding animals for food consumption, clothing and so on.

For others the driving force is an environmental one, as consuming less meat, dairy and fish lowers your carbon footprint significantly – it requires a lot less water and feed to rear animals, when compared to growing plant-based crops.

Going vegan may also strive from health reasons, as it’s believed that a plant-based diet can aid weight loss, reduced symptoms from food allergies and improve heart health – just to name a handful of benefits.

For a few like me, it’s pure curiosity and wanting to be like Beyonce… remember when she went vegan with hubby Jay Z? I do! They followed Marco Borges vegan plan and Beyonce has even written a foreword in later editions of his book “The 22-day Revolution”.

5 things I learnt as a Vegan
1. I’m a pretty pants vegan. I set off to go 10 days without consuming any animal  products, and by day 4 I had such a headache I convinced myself I needed food not on the vegan menu. In truth, I probably just needed to be more prepared and educated with  how to fuel my body properly on a vegan diet.

2. Weight loss is no longer my main obsession when it comes to veganism. Having read a little more about it and the environmental implications of eating meat or drinking dairy, I’m shocked to learn about the strain rearing animals for our benefit puts on the planet. A plant-based diet is significantly more sustainable in comparison, too. I’ve also become aware that those who protest against traditional animal rearing have received death threats and much worse. This was first highlighted to me in the document Cowspiracy, available to watch on Netflix.

3. A Vegan lifestyle makes you very regular. I will say no more on that subject.

4. I’m in awe of my husband who is still enjoying a vegan diet and has lost over 10lbs so far this month thanks to eating all plant-based foods.

5. There’s a lot of research out there that proves the consumption of animal products (proteins) can actually lead to certain types of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and autoimmune diseases! More can be read in The China Study.

Am I now a vegan?
Not quite, however I have personally felt a lot better for having mostly vegan meals and for cutting out a lot of dairy from my diet by switching to soya milk and plain soya yogurt. My main vegan blocker has been chocolate! I had a few small bars knocking around from Christmas that I just couldn’t resist. So I have eaten them, plus the vegan chocolate I discovered too! With a better understanding of veganism and if I finally banish my sugar addiction, maybe one day I will be.

New Year’s Resolutions

For those who read my last post, I’m pleased to share that the prosecco I consumed NYE has now left my system and I’m ready (11 days later) to get back to business (a.k.a. my usual routine alongside blogging about weight loss things). However, this year I’d like to share more of the heathy weight loss tips, advice, theories and recipes I come across and just a touch less about my personal ups and downs on the scales. Reasons being?

1.I’d like my blog to reflect the efforts i’m making in being more body positive and leading a healthy lifestyle, when it comes to food and exercise – not just that number on the scales.

2. I’m also conscious that multiple posts just about my weekly weigh ins might be a little bit of a boring to read (do let me know if you disagree) and let’s face it, I can go on a bit revealing clear signs of verbal diarrhoea, or blogger diarrhoea. Is that a phrase? You know what I mean – I’m doing it right now! I’m also guilty of bragging about any weight loss I have, and because I have a major sweet too, gains our not uncommon when i’ve been a bit ‘bingey’! It hurts so much to reveal when I’ve gained – it’s all very emotional you know! I am actually laughing as I write this, but it can feel pretty pants to share details of a gain, even though it’s a normal part of any weight loss journey. It’s not that I won’t share those details ever, just in moderation! 

So, hopefully I can do all of those things throughout 2018 and provide an interesting read to anyone who stumbles across these pages.

Thanks for reading and see you soon,
Chloe x

Happy New Year!

Hello 2018! I’m excited you’re here and I can’t wait to see what you have in store. After a few too many prosecco’s last night, I will keep this post brief but I’ll be back again soon with my New Years resolutions and general health and fitness chit chat!

Chloe x

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