Month: December 2017

My year as a buggy runner in 7 photos

With Christmas just around the corner and 2018 approaching fast, it feels natural to do a bit of reminiscing and today I would like to review my year as a buggy runner.

Before having the phil&teds Sport buggy, I was so frustrated not being able to exercise in the way that I wanted. I was keen to shift my post-baby weight and enjoy a bit of ‘me-time’ working out. However, finding the time and child care to go for a jog or hit the gym wasn’t always easy. Thanks to this simple buggy, I was able to combine my fitness goals with looking after my little girl, and keeping her thoroughly entertained on our many running adventures.

Here are a few photos that are special to me and capture my journey from complete buggy runner novice to feeling super confident with this superb set of wheels. I genuinely love this phil&teds running buggy as it’s helped me to lose weight, regain my fitness and enjoy new adventures with my daughter – which in turn has encouraged me to feel a bit more like the ‘pre-baby’ me, if that makes any sense!

1. On a high after my first buggy run that went very smoothly!

2. When I got to my weight loss goal!

3. Feeling so confident with my new running buggy that the endorphins encouraged me to take this sweaty post-run selfie! This was the moment I decided to sign up to a 10k run, feeling certain I’d be able to complete training now I had some new phil&teds wheels for my little one.

4. One of the first times I realised my jogging seemed to be inspiring my daughter to take up running too!

5. Running 10k in under an hour after training with my phil&teds sport buggy. Such a fantastic, and challenging day. I really didn’t think I’d be able to run long distances after having my daughter, I love that a simple buggy helped me to regain my fitness and so much more.

6. Moving house and exploring new running routes – so thankful this buggy is suited for all terrains! You may notice a difference between this shot and some of my earlier running views.

7. Ending the year with a family Santa fun run!


Santa buggy run complete!

Hello December! This weekend I’ve felt extremely Christmassy – the decorations are up, baubles are on the tree and my daughter completed her first Santa run!

The 3k route was just a few laps around our local park and my little one actually did run most of the course. We were by no means the fastest but it was a lot of fun. Half way round my daughter decided to motivate fellow Santa joggers by singing every nursery rhyme she knew at the top of her voice!

It was such a great event and lovely to see my girl give it her all as the crowd cheered her on. She hopped in our phil&teds running buggy a few times, but she mostly wanted to run herself. I’m so glad we did it with the buggy though, as I wasn’t sure how quickly we would all start running or what my daughter would be like in a structured run event; having the buggy meant we could still run if she was tired and she had a comfy seat to rest in while the race got going. I absolutely love how big the basket is on the phil&teds Sport running buggy and for the run it was packed with extra layers, snacks and toys just in case we needed them. Plus, compared to other buggies, it’s so easy to manoeuvre, great on all surfaces and keeps wonderfully steady when you up the pace with it.

As we approached the finish line my daughter decided it was best to complete the run in the buggy. As we jogged a little faster towards the end, my cheeky husband decided to make a break for it so that he could say he beat me! We’ll get him next year! My daughter also decided one guy in particular was the ‘real’ Santa, I have no idea why but her reaction to him was quite hilarious. We also learnt that she doesn’t like it when me and daddy wear Santa beards!

I’d definitely recommend getting involved in your local Santa run and it looks as though more more events like these are thankfully becoming pushchair friendly.

Here’s to another week trying my best to live a healthy lifestyle! As always, thank you for reading.

Chloe x

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