Month: August 2017

Beach buggy ready

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen some pretty cool beach shots from a few morning runs I took while holidaying in the UK – yes, I did exercise on holiday! Plus, I’ve moved house, so here’s a little update on how I’ve been getting on with my diet and exercise…

Exercising while away actually made me feel very proud, as it’s the first time I’ve used my running trainers away from home. It was such a great way to see the town we were staying in and, as running always does, it gave me such a sense of freedom – and an excuse to eat chips later that day. That might also give you an indication of how my diet is coming along – not so good!

Once home I had to pack up everything we own as we were moving house the same week we returned. So it’s fair to say it’s been a very busy few weeks. But, as I write this post from my new pad – it’s all been worth it and I’m looking forward to exploring the new area we’ve moved too with my running buggy. It’s a little more built up than our last neighbourhood so I’m thankful to the big wheels on the Sport so I can weave in and out of the streets, up and down the pavements, then off road to lap the local park – expect some new views on my Instagram.

Tips for exploring a new area with your running buggy

All of this exploring got me thinking of some tips I can share…

1. Look up potential routes before heading out with your buggy, just so you’re not completely lost if you need to head home quickly for any reason.

2. Walk the routes first to get familiar with the area and check whether the route is suitable for a jog with your buggy.

3. Make sure you have a well charged phone, money, and things to feed and entertain your little one incase they’re not so keen on your new route.

4. Take a friend with you to explore and have fun! #buggybuddy!

Buggy on tour

Training with the Phil & Teds Sport buggy has been going really well. I’m enjoying running for further and I’m so pleased that the little one has been relaxed and happy on our longer runs too. As I’m feeling more confident, I’ve decided to explore some new running routes and we’ve been driving to different locations for our training!

Travelling by car with the Sport buggy

I’ve been a little nervous that such a robust buggy (although it’s light) would be tricky to fold up and travel with, and my master plan would fall apart as soon as it came to putting it in the car boot!

The Sport buggy however is thankfully so simple to fold down. It only takes one manoeuvre to collapse and it goes surprisingly pretty flat. It’s also quick and easy to open again. Plus, you can detach the front wheel, which makes the buggy go even smaller.

Little explorers

Trying out new running routes has been pretty exciting and I’ve actually felt very proud that we managed to get our buggy in the car with ease, have fun playing in a new area and complete a decent run all in one morning! #winning!


Pinch, punch, it’s the first of the month!


It’s the first of the month and it feels like a good time to reflect on my weight loss and my current fitness routine. So here’s what I’m thinking…

I’ve really enjoyed upping my exercise lately and for August I definitely want to continue with that. Running with my buggy is simply brilliant, trying new classes has been fun and being active more regularly throughout the week as made me feel stronger and has been an achievement in itself.

That said you can’t outrun a poor diet, and my food choices have been pretty pants lately. Although i’ve had a few good days (if you follow me on instragram you’ll recognise these days, as I get cocky and post all my healthy eats), I seem to fall off the wagon hard come the weekend – and by weekend I mean Thursday to Monday. A long weekend. So, I’m in need a month being stricter with myself when it comes to my food choices and (for all you Weight Watchers out there) I will be doing the blue dot challenge.*

Wish me luck!
Chloe x

P.S Photo includes my new food diary from Fox and Moon!

*If you follow Weight Watchers and track what you eat using the app, a ‘blue dot’ appears in your weight loss process chart if you’ve stayed within your allowance in a day. The idea of the blue dot challenge is to get as many of those dots as possible, which would mean you’ve stayed within your Weight Watchers allowance regularly. 

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