Month: July 2017

My 10k training plan

When I signed up to my recent run I vowed to follow one of the many 10k training plans you see online. However, I was foolish not to take a proper look at a plan before committing to the 10k run I signed up to! Having viewed a range of these plans, I’ve had a bit of a wake up call and training is going to be more full on than I realised. Good thing I like a challenge!

A lot of the plans I’ve checked out recommend running 3 times a week, if you have around 8 weeks until your 10k event, and to have rest days in between each run. Several 10k training plans also suggested working in some ‘cross training’ days (where you do another form of exercise) and, or strength training (i.e weights or resistance exercises). It looks as though each run will need to be around 45 minutes each, too.

With all of this in mind, my weekly training plan currently looks a little bit like this…

Monday – Strength training
Tuesday – Run
Wednesday – Rest day
Thursday –  Run
Friday – Rest day
Saturday – Cross training
Sunday – Run

It’s only been a few weeks but I’m really enjoying my training and having a reason to run for an extra mile or two. It’s also made me appreciate my Sport buggy even more than I did before and how it’s built for purpose. Compared to other running buggies I’ve used, it’s so light to manoeuvre and the auto brake stop is second to none – a great comfort when your running route involves crossing busy roads or getting out the way of speedy dogs!

Plus, another mummy friend of mine has also signed up to the same 10k run, so now I have two pals to train with! I’ll keep you posted on how we get on and please do share your buggy running or training tips in the comment box below.

Chloe x

If you’re interested, below are a few links to 10k plans I’ve liked the look of and I surprisingly came across loads on Pinterest too.

This link may only work if you’re signed up to the Windsor 10k run like me
Race for Life training plan
10k training plans on Pinterest

A Konga fitness review: the ‘spinning’ of dance classes

This weekend I experienced my first ever Konga fitness class – a workout filled with dance moves, boxing, toning, jumping and everything in between. I was expecting a slightly more intense version of a Zumba class but this was on a whole other level of fitness – it made me sweat more than a spinning class, take over 8000 steps in just an hour and burn over 600 calories; all with the best ever playlist to boot.

What is a Konga class like?
The studio was low lit (ideal for the body conscious like me), lined with disco lights and the air con on full blast – the perfect environment for a Saturday morning exercise class. I was greeted by the super toned and glamorous Katherine Hubbard, Konga fitness instructor; and a lovely group of women all up for a fun workout.

Kat explained that Konga consists of 6 rounds and each round includes 4 or so moves, performed to a single track. Before each round Kat would demonstrate the steps, which were simple but once the music started, felt intense and fast. The tracks Kat picked fitted perfectly to the fat burning, body toning steps that make up Konga – an exciting mix of cardio, dance, boxing and sculpting moves.

My Konga review – a workout not for the faint hearted and seriously fun
I’ve done dance fitness classes before where there have been so many steps and routines that I’ve completely lost my footing and hadn’t a clue what I was meant to do. Those classes have left me feeling as though I’d just spent an hour just falling all over the place, without burning any calories or breaking a sweat.

Konga is full on training that pushed my body to the max but was definitely fun. I loved the simplicity of the steps, the music and the structure of the class – easy moves and clear explanations but with a lot of energy and positive encouragement.

Don’t just take my word for it… “I absolutely loved Konga! A great high intensity and fun workout – the hour class flew by! Would definitely recommend.” Michelle

“I really enjoyed my first Konga class with Kat. It combines a full workout with music that makes it feel fun. Plus I was amazed to reach 8,000 steps during the one hour class! Would highly recommend.” Georgina

Plus, all the proceeds from this Konga class went to the Epilepsy Society, who are dependent on donations from the public to support those with Epilepsy.

About Kat
Kat teaches Konga in Wimbledon, London on Tuesday nights at 7.30pm and is open to hosting more pop up classes in areas interested in this new and exciting fitness class. Get in touch with Kat via her Instagram or book yourself on a class here.

Want to learn more about Konga?
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I’m running 10k and training with my baby!

I’ve signed up to the Windsor 10k and I actually can’t wait! The last time I attempted a 10k run, I was not prepared at all and felt so unfit running the 6 miles needed. I didn’t even have water with me, so that may give you an indicator of just how unready I really was. This time round I want to train properly and feel my strongest for the event.

I’m so in love with my Sport running buggy that I’m confident I’ll be able to do all the necesary training with my daughter in tow. Well, that’s the goal anyway! The run takes place towards the end of September and as a way to make sure I do prepare for the run correctly, I promise to share my training experience and any tips I may pick up.

Buggy running
Plus, if any one is interested in what running with a buggy is really like, I hope to shed some light on that too – while learning all I need to know about running well with a buggy – and a baby (toddler)!

Wish me luck!
Chloe x

10 things you should know about my weight loss right now

So, I thought I’d share a little update about my weight loss journey.

Things you should know…

1. I’m “officially” 3lbs away from goal.
2. I say the above with quotes as I missed my Weight Watchers meeting this week – the scales at home (prior to leaving for the meeting) said I had gained 3lbs. That would make me 6lbs away from goal.
3. The above sent me into a slight rage as I couldn’t understand how that happened, then I got upset with myself. I soon calmed down but missed my meeting as a result.
4. I’m not proud of what happened above but I did stay on track that day; and even went out for a buggy run. So that anger made me quite productive!
5. My daughter likes bringing me the biscuit tin.
6. Today I ate a biscuit and I liked it.
7. Weekends seem to be my downfall these days when it comes to staying on track.
8. I’m hoping to break the above habit this weekend.
9. I really hope I lose some pounds this week coming.
10. Any tips for healthy weight loss are, as always, very welcomed! How do I get to goal?!

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